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Business Insurance

Business Owners Package ("BOP")

Frenkel provides SERVICEPowerSERVICEStore members with broad Property and Commercial General Liability coverage from leading carriers at discounted prices.

We guarantee our Business Insurance will meet or exceed SERVICEPower's insurance requirements for Independent Contractors. Frenkel automatically provides SERVICEPower with the required Certificate of Insurance the same day we bind coverage.

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Business Auto Policy

Frenkel writes Business Auto insurance, including Auto Liability and Physical Damage for cars, vans and trucks.

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Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation and Employers' Liability covers claims arising out of workplace injuries and diseases. Rates vary from state to state. Many members receive both premium and experience discounts.

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Umbrella Liability

Umbrella Liability policies provide higher limits of liability protection over your underlying Auto Liability, Commercial General Liability and Employers Liability policies. We highly recommend that every member purchase an Umbrella Liability policy. In today's litigious environment, even $1,000,000 of liability coverage may not be enough to protect the assets of your business..

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Other Important Coverages

Ask us about these other coverages for your business:

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